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Flow of Production

Flow of Production

Flow of Production


Please let us know your product specifications. Based on your specifications and needs, we will be able to come up with a proposal during the initial design stage.


Based on the quantity that you require, we will study the layout of the production flow. Further more, the prototype sample will be produced at a minimum cost.


Based on the layout of the production flow, we will provide you with the most effective tooling design and fabrication for your needs.


Raw materials will be proposed to meet your requirements.

< Raw Material >

Stainless Steel, Bimetal, Trimetal, SPCC, Nickel, Cobalt Alloy, Aluminum, Molybdenum, Ferroalloy, Nickel Silver, Electromagnetic soft iron, Malleable iron, Molybdenum-Rhenium, Brass, Copper, Monel, Titanium, Permalloy, Nichrome, Phosphor Bronze, Tantalum, Tinplate, Copper Beryllium Alloy, Plated material etc.


Our facilities are able to handle the process either by progressive or single action stamping in accordance with your required quantity.

< Stamping >

Cutting/Shearing, Blanking, Piercing, Bending, Rolling, Drawing, Trimming, Notching, Burring, Embossing Forming, Leveling, Curling, Grooving, Flanging, Broaching, Beading, Ribbing, Bulging, Coining, Marking, Squeezing, Calking, Riveting, Lock-seaming, etc.


Other than lathe, degreasing and etc, we have equipped ourselves with the facilities for secondary treatment.

< Secondary treatment >

Lathing, Spot Welding, Hydrogen Atmosphere Annealing, Tumbling/Barrel Polishing, Baking/Tempering/Heat Treatment, Tapping etc.


We are fully committed to quality assurance. In the plant, the quality control is implemented by using various types of equipment, optical survey machine, gauges and the naked eye. Data is recorded for comparison and reference. Throughout the manufacturing process, quality assurance undergoes the following stages: primary, intermediate and patrol QC. Prior to the delivery, the QA department carries out the final inspection and the inspection data is attached.


We have a wide network for surface treatment and are able to handle the following processes:

< Surface treatment >

Plating, Painting, Pickling, Etching, Aluminum-vaporing, etc.

< Other treatment >

Tapping, Steel heat-treatment, Tungsten-carbide-alloy treatment, Brazing, Taping

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