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Product Sample

Product Sample

Product Sample

Depending on the usage and application, the raw materials used in the metal components for various industries differ and so do the manufacturing methods.

Among all of the metal components that we manufacture, we particularly specialized in the manufacturing of precision metal components for use in the electronics industries.

We are able to provide various types of services to customers; other than the stamping of metal components, we do carry out secondary processes & treatments and packing specifications to cater to the needs of customers.

Depending on the products, we do provide professional advice to our customers during R&D stage such as the selection of raw material, manufacturing process, surface treatment as well as packing specification.

With our manufacturing facilities coupled with the quality assurance control facilities, we not only cater for small orders but also for mass production orders. We are also able to comply widely with the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

With our motto “Seeking The Essence in Manufacturing Quality Components”, we will further strive to improve on our manufacturing skills, productivity and quality control system.

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